C Cubed Media is the UK’s only independent media company focusing on the links between the UK and China markets. Since 2007, we have been working with a host of high profile clients providing high quality film production to global audiences covering a range of subjects including current affairs, education, entertainment and culture. As our reputation and influence grew we were able to diversify into language specific marketing, branding and PR both for UK and Chinese companies. Our experience working in such diverse international markets ensures we are able to provide all our customers the reassurance that there message will be communicated accurately, effectively and to the highest standards across the range of formats. With offices in London and Beijing, C Cubed Media is able to offer a full range of media solutions creating new links between the UK and China and enabling all of our client to do business more effectively.

As a strong supporters of the Chinese community in the UK and aim to offer our expertise wherever possible. As result, C Cubed Media works closely with some of the today’s most successful Chinese organisation in the UK seeking to raise their profile and connect with new audiences. We pride ourselves on consistently offering the level of flexibility necessary to remain dynamic and forward facing in a rapidly evolving marketing place. Our experience allows us to recognise the true value of business relationships between East and West and combined with our innate understanding we are able to influence outcomes to meet and, in many cases, exceed customers expectations.

  • C Cubed Media is a strategic partner of BBC UKChina and Xinhua News Agency London Bureau for which we provide exclusive video media news and features. C Cubed Media also works closely with international media platforms and outlets creating bespoke news and features productions, facilitating international material exchange and an providing an expert editorial service. Our in-house production facilities are equipped with the latest in HD cameras and editing suite.

    We pride ourselves on providing independent coverage with unique perspectives for all our news coverage. We ensure that all our news reports are accurate, up to date and balanced. Working extensively in the UK and China, we are able to collect the latest information from the most reliable sources and as a result provide the necessary depth and life to events through video productions.

    We cover a wide range of topics from politics and education to entertainment and culture. Last year alone we produced over 300 news, features and special coverage reports.

    We have covered a wide range of internationally recognised events including the G20 Summit, University of Cambridge 800th Anniversary,  London Fashion Week, Edinburgh Military Tattoo and Fringe Festival. Looking ahead we will be covering some of the most exciting upcoming events including the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton and the 2012 London Olympics.

  • C Cubed Media enjoys close working relationships with experienced Chinese and British film producers. These connections, combined with our in-house production team, mean we are an integral part of an elite group of documentary producers and copyright traders.

    Our expertise are not limited to any one genre having worked on documentaries, films and entertainment variety show.  Each of these productions has furthered our network of industry contacts which now boasts Hollywood playwrights, BBC directors and producers and independent writers. As we are working with vastly different audiences in the UK and China, all our work is tailored to suit the styles required and cultural preferences. Most recently C Cubed Media produced a series of documentaries aimed at bridging Western and Chinese culture by highlighting the current social issues in the UK and China.

    We are supported by a number of film and TV producers and are linked to broadcast platforms in the UK, Europe, America and Mainland China. As a result, C Cubed Media is able to provide a complete service to producers, content providers and creative talents through our established international distribution channels.

  • Our clients are involved at all stages of the event organising process to ensure we create an original, creative and workable event that meets all of the agreed requirements. We offer the design, delivery and installation of an exhibition stands that gives the necessary flexibility and peace of mind clients are seeking. We cover events both in the UK and China across an array of industries including cultural, educational, sporting and business communication focused. Each event we are involved in allows us to fully utilise our cultural understanding and language advantages to the full.

    Our experienced in-house production team is made up of program developers, producers, camera crew, editors and graphic designers is at every one of our clients disposal for each of their events. We strive to provide our clients with the best and the most comprehensive bilingual multi-media services available. Most recently we have successfully planned, filmed and produced event including VIP cocktail parties, opening ceremonies and high-level / VIP visits for a number of top organisations.

  • C Cubed Media works with senior media consultants in China and the UK, together with professional institutes and colleges to design bespoke structured media training courses across different industries and professional levels.

    Master Class

    A training program designed for professionals already working in the media industry. Areas of study include program design, audience targeting, media management, special effects, satellite transmission, 3D technology and many more. Throughout each and every course we provide attendees with the latest equipment and teaching based on the most up-to-date media trends, concepts and advances. Previous course attendees have come from a variety of media industry disciplines such as journalists, chief editors, senior TV presenter and senior managers. The key benefit of our master class are to improve techniques, extending their vision,  and expanding the scope of their management style and creativity ability.

    Media Relations Class

    A class primarily aimed at senior management of multi-national corporations, including the CEOs, spokesmen and senior managers of the company. The class is designed to help individuals gain an in-depth understanding of the often misunderstood differences between Chinese and British cultures and the media preferences that exist as a result. It enables those responsible for corporates media decision-making to understand fully how to utilise available media successfully and how to turn crisis into opportunity using media resources.

    General Training

    This class is aimed at individuals who are interested in pursuing a career within the media industry. Providing training is provided for a range of disciplines including producers, directors and presenters.

  • C Cubed Media brings together industry connections and resources from the UK and China to create a unique, bilingual media consultancy service aim at corporate organisations, government bodies and individuals customers alike.

    We provide the necessary expertise to turn corporation’s own ideas into a positive profile and effective media campaign. By maximising the marketing potential through all forms of media, from traditional print to the the rapidly evolving social and mobile media platforms, our clients’ brand messages are communicated efficiently. Whether a client is in Beijing or London, we always provide the most practical suggestions and plans to maximum media exposure.

    Whether a client is established in a market or looking to break into new ones, you can always rely on our media experience to provide you with bespoke media analysis and solutions.

  • C Cubed Media provides bespoke brand management strategies for all our clients. By analysing each clients’ products and services individually we can assess how best to enter new markets in China to create brand identity and raise brand awareness.

    We guarantee to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations whether it be through exploiting  new markets or consolidating their position in establish ones. In both the UK and China, C Cubed Media will make full use of our media resources and connections to maximise the outcome in the shortest possible time. Our branding strategy will contain a mix of commercial designs, distributions, event planning, VI designs, media relations and production promotions.

    C Cubed Media firmly believes in the value of a brand. Our clients range from educational institutes, government bodies and business organisations. With our professional brand management plans combined with our marketing strategy, our clients are assured that their promotions will stand out in the marketplace whilst specifically targeting the core of potential customers.